PAX South 2016 Preview: Surprise Attack makes screen cheating necessary in Screencheat


Screencheating back in the early days of couch multiplayer was the bane of every gamer. Friends quickly turned to enemies if they found out that the other was looking at their side of the screen to find out what they were doing or were hiding. A perfect example of a game that saw rampant screencheating was the N64 classic Goldeneye. But what if screen cheating was encourage and actually build into the game? There is such a game. Surprise Attack Games and Samurai Punk presents Screencheat:



In Screencheat, screen cheating is necessary because your character is invisible and the only way to win is to…..of course screen cheat. From just looking at the video alone it seems things will be chaotic. I cant wait to see how people will react in real life as the game will have a playable demo at PAX South 2016 this week.


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