PAX South 2016 Preview: Protect the last remnants of humanity as a robot janitor in Super Mutant Alien Assault

Super Mutant Alien Assault


In the future mankind will abandon a dying Earth in order to find a new home. Since this will take at least a few hundred if not a thousand years, these last remnants of humanity have been placed in cryostasis and their care entrusted to the on-board security droids. However aliens seek to destroy the last remaining and its up to these droids to protect whats left of the humans. This is Super Mutant Alien Assault.



Outside the art and and music, Super Mutant Alien Assault was developed by a single developer by the name of Chris Suffern of Sydney Australia. He started out developing flash games at first, in which Mutant Alien Assault was his first game. Now it seems that Chris has gone back into the lab and has came back out with a new and improved version of the game, hence “Super” being the first word in the title. So what makes Super Mutant Alien Assault so “Super”?  From what the press release states, here is what makes the game “Super”:

  • Intense and brutal action – rapid fire levels give you no rest as hordes of enemies arrive, hell-bent on your destruction. Clear the objective quickly and be sure to kill each enemy before it has the chance to mutate into a bigger, nastier version of itself. Take a tiny breather and then it’s on to the next room.
  • Dance with death – in the tight confines of the space freighter, standing still is not an option. Your ability to dodge around enemies is as important as your aim. Survival requires quick thinking and rapid reflexes and a true master of the dance is a beautiful thing to behold.
  • Different every time – each single-screen level is randomised, drawing on a pool of platform layouts, objective types and enemies as well as which vending machines will be present. You’ll never know which weapons or grenades will spawn in the vending machines whilst crate drops containing special abilities, sidearms, perks and defense moves are also randomised, adding further to the mind-boggling possible combinations.
  • Overflowing with unlockables – a wealth of weapons, sidearms, special abilities, perks, explosives, defense moves and character skins awaits you. Each new unlockable joins the melting pot of random ingredients, increasing your options but also the need to master each individual element and the way they combine with each other.
  • Play solo or with a friend – take on the mutant hordes by yourself or team up in local co-op. Two player adds further complications to master as you must be careful to avoid friendly fire from explosives and will have to share/fight over item and health pack drops.
  • Keyboard and controller support – fully customisable controls using gamepads, keyboard or a combination of the two.


I’ll see how super Super Mutant Alien Assault really is when PAX South 2016 kicks off this Friday.


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