PAX South 2016: Chilling with Kasedo Pt1.- Excubitor presentation



While the show floor at PAX South 2016 was filled with developers showing off their games, not all of them opted to be on the floor. In fact, some devs decided that a more relaxed private setting was better suited to demo their games for the press. One of those developers happened to be Kasedo. We met with our PR contact Lindsay at the Homewood Suites in downtown San Antonio and she took us up to the room where Kasedo was demoing two games, Excubitor and Upwards, Lonely Robot. As soon as we got into the room we were greet by one of the producers, Andrew, and proceeded to tell us about the Excubitor first. The following video shows us talking about the game as Andrew demos the various features and gameplay.You can see how pretty chill and relaxing the environment is and we even get off topic for a bit while he closing down Excubitor and loading up Upwards, Lonely Robot:



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