PAX South 2015: Rebel Galaxy interview with Erich Schaefer

One of the first games I was scheduled to see at PAX South was Rebel Galaxy and an interview with one of the . Now like most good journalists, I decided to do some research about the game before I had hands on with it and my interview. As I mentioned in my preview article about the game and the developer Double Damage one of the developers, Erich Schaefer, was the original lead designer and con- creator of Diablo and Diablo II, co-founder of Blizzard North, lead developer of Hellgate: London, co-founder of Runic Games and co-developer of the Torchlight series. When I found this out, at first I geeked out (I mean who wouldn’t, he was responsible for Diablo I & II) and then I wondered why would someone with such a rich fantasy action RPG background look to the skies and dream of space. If you are wondering too, check out the interview below:



Thanks goes to Mr Schafer and the rest of the Double Damage team for letting me check out their game and thanks goes out to First Lieutenant Derick Thomas of Plan of Attack for setting up the interview.


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