Paris Games Week 2017: Spider-Man story trailer

Ever since being revealed at this past E3, many fans are hoping for the best for Insomniac’s rendition of Spidy in Marvel’s Spider-Man. So far the game is looking to be very promising, yet important details have still yet to be revealed, such as how long has Spider-Man been Spider-Man, whose the main villain,  and how much inspiration did Insomniac take from the movies and comics.



In Insomniac’s version of the web head, Peter has been Spider-Man for a while now, which means players will start off having all of his powers. The game also takes bits of inspiration from the comics as Miles Morales and Martin Li aka Mister Negative are also introduced. Insomniac also states that there will be sections of the game where Mary Jane will be playable as well as Peter when he’s not Spider-Man. Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to release sometime in 2018.


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