Paris Games Week 2017: God of War trailer


When it was revealed at E3 2016 that Kratos was going to be back in a new game, many fans wondered which gods he would pick a fight with. It seems however in that E3 reveal trailer he might have set aside his god killing ways and became a dad. AT this past E3 we also learned that Kratos is somewhere in the land of the Vikings, as creatures from Norse mythology have been attacking him and his son as they journey. At Paris Games Week at the beginning of the week a new gameplay trailer was released show father and son in action:



It seems that Sony Sana Monica has taken a couple of cues from The Last of Us when it comes to the interaction between Kratos and Atreus. Much like Ellie, Atreus will often act on his own, supporting Kratos in various ways without getting in the way at the same time. Its going to be really i6ntresting to see how Atreus fits into Krato’s new life, not to mention Krato’s new roll in a new world with different gods. God of War is set for a release sometime in 2018.


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