Paris Games Week 2017: Ghost of Tsushima



Guerrilla Games isn’t the only Sony owned studio to pump out a brand new IP. After finishing Infamous Second Son and First Light, Sucker Punch went quite for a couple of years, not really doing anything….or so we thought. During Paris Games Week this past week, Sucker Punch revealed a brand new game that they have been working on, Ghost of Tsushima.



Ghost of Tsushima takes place in feudal Japan in the year 1274. The Mongols have started their invasion of Japan, landing at Tsushima Island. Player are cast in the role of a battered samurai fighting back against the Mongols. Ghost of Tsushima will be an open world allowing players to feel like a real samurai. Sucker Punch hasn’t said much about the game, but supposedly there will be more info during next month’s Playstation Experience.


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