Oboromuramasa Vita trailer

One of the most over look Wii games in my opinion, Oboromuramasa aka Muramasa: The Demon Blade, is getting an HD upgrade for the Vita.
Muramasa was one of the few games that I played for the Wii that wasn’t a party game, sports game or a game with Nintendo mascots in it.It had a great art direction that brought traditional Japanese painting to life and had a really good sound track. As to why this game went unnoticed is anyone’s guess. But that mistake can now be righted. Check out this latest trailer that shows Muramasa in beautiful HD action:

Oboro Muramasa HD Vita is set to release March 28 in Japan. It still up in the air as to if the game will make it to North America. Hopefully it’ll come by way of digital download.


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