NISA Press Event 2017: Tokyo Tattoo Girls announced


One of the things that I like about press events like the ones NISA holds every year is that in addition to the games that they have already announced previously, they also reveal new games that we’ve never even heard of, or in least that’s how I feel. Case in point: at Friday’s press event NISA announced that a game called Tokyo Tattoo Girls will be making its way to the West this year for Vita and PC via Steam.



Tokyo Tattoo Girls takes place in a calamity ridden Tokyo. After the events of the calamity, the survivors found themselves imbued with powerful abilities thanks to colorful tattoos. The city is cordoned off into 23 different wards controlled by powerful groups called Kumi. Together the Kumi formed the Union in order to keep civilians from escaping the city. Players, with their choice of companion, must defeat each of the 23 Kumi in order to escape the city. Tokyo Tattoo Girls looks to be a pretty good strategy game, but what really sparked my interest is that all of the tattoos in the game are original designs by  traditional Japanese tattoo artist Koji Tanaka. Tokyo Tattoo Girls is set to release sometime this year.


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