NISA Press Event 2017: School’s back in session this September for Danganronpa V3


One of my favorite franchises that NISA has brought to the West so far are the Danganronpa games. The art style, the cast of colorful characters, the story I enjoyed every single bit of it. From the first anime season  (which in my opinion was alright though I wished they kept all of the original voice cast from the game) to the spin off Ultra Despair Girls to the prequel anime and its conclusion, I grew to love and despise the characters, especially the lovable, yet sadistic Monokuma. SO I was pretty bummed out when it was announced that our time at Hope’s Peak Academy was coming to an end. That was until later on it was also revealed that a new game, staring a new class of students and a new school, was being developed.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the start of a new game of mutual killing, but much isn’t known about who is pulling the strings or why they picked up the work of Junko Enoshima, the mastermind behind “The Tragedy”. What is known is that not only will the series trademark investigations and classroom trials will be making a return, a new element will be added called mass panic debates. In previous games, each student took turns in presenting their point of view and evidence. In V3, when things start to go south everyone will start to talk all at once, which will force players to pay even more attention to what’s being said. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is set to return to the classroom on September 26, 2017 in North America and on the 29th for the EU for the PS4 and Vita.


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