NIS America releases two new English trailers for Mugen Souls Z



The last time we saw Mugen Souls Z, NIS America released a trailer that introduced fans to Syrma and a new group of cast members. This past week NIS America had released two more English trailers for the game. The first one explains Syrma’s Captivate poses. This her version of the first game’s moe power kill:


In the second trailer we see that space battles with G-Castle are back once again but with a big twist. Instead of just being a ship, it seems that Ryuto and Elka have made major improvements to G-Castle as it transforms from spaceship to giant mech inspired from Voltron:



It seems that a lot has improved since the last game, while still keeping the silly parodies intact. Mugen Souls Z will launch later this month on the 20th.


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