Nippon Ichi Software announces The Guided Fate Cross Thesis

The Fate of the world once again rest in God’s hands. Or is it?

The Guided Fate Paradox just released last year and already NIS has a sequel to it. Named The Guided Fate Cross Thesis, it seems to follow the same type of gameplay that was in Fate Paradox. But in the trailer that was released early this morning (or afternoon in Japan) it seems that there is a new mechanic with a new corresponding helper:

From what I can gather, it seems that this time God (that’s you) has a choice in granting the wish/prayer of those who pray to you and even altering it altogether. In fact, I think the red head female might be working for the “other” team, as I think I have seen her before in Fate Paradox. Well we’ll soon find out when the game launches in Japan on July 24, 2014. The first game was pretty well revived in the West so there might be a small chance that this too may come over as well in the near future. 


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