Nintendo Direct 2011: Ghost Camera

Yesterday (or two days ago in Japan time) Nintendo had their second Nintendo Direct “Live Stream” (it was pre-recorded on the 19) in which Nintendo President Satoru Iwata laid out the company’s plans for the first half of 2012. One of the more interesting games that caught my eye during the presentation was from Temco Koei, Ghost Camera. 

Here’s the trailer that was shown off during the presentation:

If it looks familiar, it should. Ghost Book is the spiritual successor/sequel to the Fatal Frame series. I’m loving how Temco is taking advantage of the on board camera of the 3DS and mixing it up with AGR technology. As you can see from the trailer, by pointing the camera on the provided book players are transported into the world. As if a portal has been opened bridging the real world to the spiritual world. This is also a two way street, since spirits can crossover into our world as well.

The game has really pique my interest, since I was a fan of the the three Fatal Frames that came to the US on the PS2. I am afraid though that the game maybe “too Japanese” for an American audience and might not get released here. The game is set to come out January 12, 2012 at the price of 3800 yen, which is about $50 at the current exchange rate.  


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