New Valiant Hearts trailer will tug at heart strings



For the most part, I think gamers are starting to get a bit sick of games that use war as a theme. Most often than not these games turn out to be FPS games like CoD or Battlefield or third person shooters like Gears or War. Rarely do we ever get to see the consequences of war or learn about the people whose left their family to fight in the war. Valiant Hearts The Great War will change that. I remember hearing about Valiant Hearts back in September 2013. It was going to be one of the two games that used Rayman Legends’ UbiArt Framework, the other game being Child of Light. The game centers around the lives of four people and a dog. Each of these characters have been pulled from their daily tranquil lives into one of the bloodiest war in history, The Great War, or as its commonly known, World War One. In a new trailer released by Ubisoft we get to meet these four and the dog and see how fate has brought them together to put an end to the war:


I don’t say this often but “DEM FEELS!” When the first trailer for the game came out, I was already impress by the art style of the game. It had a graphic novel feel to it. As for this trailer, we get hints of how these four people found themselves in the war and how fate somehow brought them together. Valiant Hearts The Great War is set to release digitally this June 25, 2014 on PC, PS3, PS4 Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


Source: Valiant Hearts website


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