New Street Fighter V Nash trailer released, open beta announced

Everyone was hyped when Street Fight V was announced. Then that hype turned into anger when it was also revealed that Street Fighter V was going to be exclusive to the PS4 and PC. Regardless of what you think about Capcom and their decision on making SFV exclusive, seeing a new generation Street Fighter on the PS4 (or PC) is great. Today Capcom and Sony had released a brand new trailer that introduces Guile’s long lost friend, Nash. It seems Nash might has some work done on him the last time we saw him:



The game looks much better since its second showing at the Taipei Game Show a few weeks back. In addition to the trailer (with a tease of M. Bison at the end) Capcom announced that they will be having a online beta for Street Fighter V. Those who pre-order the game for the PS4 or PC will be automatically entered into the beta.


Source: Capcom Unity


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