New Dangaronpa Another Story trailer shown at Sony’s pre TGS conference

With the re-release of the first two games in the series, it seems that Dangaronpa is quickly gaining a new following. At Sony’s pre TGS 2014 conference a new trailer for Dangaronpa Another Story was shown. In this trailer (which is all in Japanese by the way) reveals more of the story, shows various types of Monokumas and introduces the group of  antagonists of the game:




In addition to the new trailer, several new images were release showing the cast and te various versions of Monokuma:

Danganronpa Another Story is set for a Japanese release of September 25, 2014. As for a Western release, while I world normally say don’t count on it, the success of Trigger Happy Havoc did influence NISA to bring over the sequel Goodbye Despair. So maybe if Goodbye Despair does good, NISA would consider bringing over Another Story.


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