Natural Doctrine coming to the West

When it comes to JRPGs, not that many see a release outside of Japan. But for some reason these past few years we’ve been seeing a rise of JRPGs getting Western releases for the last generation of console, mostly on the PS3. Now that we are about five month into this new generation of consoles and Japan is three months in, new JRPGs and RPGs in general have slowly started to get released. One of those games is Natural Doctrine by Kadokawa Games. Natural Doctrine is a SRPG for the PS4, PS3 and Vita that has elements seen in games such as Valkyrie Chronicles, in which you move your party one at a time in a third person few and have control over their actions depending on how many action points are used. It also mixes in dungeon crawling and rouge-like elements as well. Here’s a gameplay trailer that shows the game in action and gives you a better idea at how the elements are combined:

Which brings us NISA. They have recently announced that they will be localization all three version of the game, both retail and digital this coming Fall 2014. Natural Doctrine wasn’t really on my radar since 1). It didn’t have a Western release attached to it at first and 2). NISA has a ton of games that they will be releasing over the next couple of months. So now that this is getting a release, fans of NISA will be able to add this game to their PS4 collection.


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