Monster Hunter Frontier Z coming this November for the PS4 in Japan



It’s safe to say that the Monster Hunter franchise is pretty popular in Japan, right along side Pokemon and Yo Kai Watch. While most of the main series entries of Monster Hunter stayed on Nintendo’s portable platforms over the years, the MMO Monster Hunter Frontier and its latest update Frontier G have kept PC, 360, Wii U, PS3 and Viat fans content. Now Monster Hunter enters the new gen era with Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z is a brand new update to Frontier G. So those Japanese players who have a current version of the game will automatically updated to Monster Hunter Frontier Z. However this will be the first time that the MMO will be making its appearance on the PS4.



Expect new monsters, quests, and of course new sets of sick armor. But don’t expect this game to be release outside of Japan anytime soon.


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