“Mighty”- Power Rangers movie review


Growing up it was a common thing, to see shows I enjoyed adapted to the big screen. A good portion of the shows I adored in my youth often made an easy transition, some not so easy, and some I didn’t truly appreciate until I got older. Lately it seems that the shows from our youth are being rebooted, and in some cases getting a second chance to make new fans. Power Rangers as a series has been on the air for twenty-four years, and this film is only the third film to be made about the series.


“Saban’s Power Rangers” takes what you already know about the original five Rangers, and modernizes them for a new generation of fans, while keeping the spirit of the series alive. The names and colors may be the same, but these are not the Rangers you grew up with. These Rangers are flawed, misunderstood, rude but at their core heroes. While not a dark and gritty turn on the five teenagers with attitudes, the movie is fun while being serious when needed. If you have ever rushed home to see if Tommy was able to keep his Green Ranger powers, or got a tear in your eye during “Forever Red” go, go see Power Rangers, and make sure not to be in a rush when the movie is over, you might miss something.


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