MeiQ Labyrinth of Death review


In addition to self-publishing the Neptunia games, Idea Factory International formed a group of developers from Idea Factory and Complie Heart to develop new IPs. One of those games was Trillion: God of Destruction, which I just previously reviewed. The other is a JRPG crawler called MeiQ Labyrinth of Death.


Dungeon full of moe

A dungeon crawler for beginners- Dungeon crawlers may seem pretty simple at first glance: enter dungeon, kill baddies, get loot and don’t die. While this may look simple, it depends on the developer to build up on these core aspects of the game. Some developers might add in a alchemy aspect of the game, other might fill dungeons with enemies that forces the player to use their party tactically, while others will focus on gameplay aspects outside of the dungeon. This might be right thing for more advance players who want something with more depth and complex. MeiQ on the other hand keeps is simple and basic, which is really good for those who are not familiar with dungeon crawlers, especially with Japanese dungeon crawlers.

Colorful moe cast and their cool mechs- While I do enjoy character art in dungeon crawlers that have a semi-realistic look to them, as an anime fan as well I do like enjoy a bit of moe from time to time. Luckily MeiQ’s cast of characters are full of moe. Each girl follows a different moe trait that fans of this “art style/genre” will find one that they love and claim as their waifu. But these colorful moe waifus don’t fight alone. Each of them is paired with a mech that travels along with them and are their main use of attack. Each of the mechs corresponds to each girl’s element trait and can be customized.

Labyrinth of snore

Too easy/straightforward at times- Save for the boss battles, which can be beaten with enough grinding, MeiQ can be a bit too easy and straightforward when it comes to its dungeon layouts. The monsters found within each of the five dungeons are a bit on the easy side and there can be times where you don’t run into an encounter. And when you do finally come across a monster encounter, its over just as quick since as I mentioned before, the girl’s mechs are the primary fighters.


MeiQ Labyrinth of Death is an average J-dungeon crawler. It keeps the traditional mechanics that you find in other dungeon crawlers simple and understandable, which is good for entry level explorers. And if you’re an anime fan and enjoy cute girls exploring dungeons, then you will enjoy the character art. Do known that since MeiQ seems to be geared towards those who are rookies when it comes to dungeon crawlers, it will be a bit easy and too straightforward for the more advance explorer. Still if you’re looking for a dungeon crawler that you can pop in for an hour or so just to scratch that itch, then MeiQ will satisfy that quick itch.



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