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Out off all of the American JRPG publishers, Idea Factory International seems to be taking a very proactive stance when it comes to porting their games on to PC. As Neptuina-mainia continues to run wild, another spin off has made its way to PC/Steam tis past week. That game is the spin off MegaTagmension Blanc & Neptune vs. Zombies.

Before we dig in, I just want to point out that since both the PC and Vita versions of MegaTag are almost the same, I will not be repeating things that I have said in the Vita version review. I will be mentioning what the PC version has to offer/adds in that the Vita version doesn’t. So with that out of the way, let’s see what the MegaTag for the PC has to offer.

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Sharper graphics- Like previous games that have made the jump to PC, the graphics for MegaTag are much sharper and brighter. There are a few less noticeable pixelation on the character models  and thanks to a high resolution, the character models look even more anime.

Better controls- The best improvement that has come from the PC port of all of the Neptunia games and spin offs has been full controller support. With full controller support games like MegaTag benefit from better controls, such as having more options to remap the buttons and better camera control.

DLC from Vita version added in- Just like in every other Neptuina release, be it main series or spin off, MegaTag for the PC has included a few pieces of DLC from the Vita version of the game for free. These DLC packs range from item/weapon packs  to new costumes and more dungeons/areas to explore.


Repetitive- Not much really to say here since both the PC and the Vita version of MegaTagmension Blanc & Neptune vs. Zombies are basically the same game, they both share the same problem of repetitive enemies and locations.

While both the PC and the Vita version of MegaTagmension Blanc & Neptune vs. Zombies are identical, I would have to say that the PC version is the superior version. Not only does the PC have better button, thanks to full controller support, but the graphics are much sharper and the majority of the DLC that was released for the Vita version is already added into the game for free. Though I may be a console/handheld centric consumer, I am glad that more and more games like MegaTagmension Blanc & Neptune vs. Zombies are making their way to PC. This way JRPGs will get even more exposure and more games will be able to the West. As for which version of MegaTag to buy, if you’re a fan of the franchise you might already have bought both. But for someone who want to jump on, I’d suggest buying the PC version since there will be a greater chance that the game will be on sale.




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