Marie Rose joins Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate roster

The sassy Lolita is ready to rumble.

Marie Rose, who was first introduced in the arcade version of DOA5U in Japan, will finally be making her console debut. To celebrate, Team Ninja has released a trailer that shows Marie in action and in different cosplay outfits:

Marie Rose and her costume set will be available for download March 25 for PSN and on the 26 for XBLA. The character is priced at $5.99 and her costumes are $1.99 a piece.

Team NINJA also has announced that the Dead or Alive 5 Core Version, the free to play version of the game, has reached 1 million downloads since its release on PSN. As a thank you to all of the fans that have downloaded the game, they will be making the Jane Lee pack free for download starting March 11. They will also be unlocking the rest of the fighters as well for a limited time as a thank you to fans.


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