Love Live 1st and 2nd seasons to get English dub, School Idol movie coming to select North American theaters

It seems that people can not get enough of the Love Live girls. The response has been so great that NISA has announced that the anime will be receiving a full English dub of both seasons. And to commemorate this announcement, NISA will be releasing a limited reprint of the premium edition of the 1st season of Love Live with English subtitles and Japanese audio. Do note that the premium edition will not have the English dub and that the English dub will only appear on the standard editions of the 1st season.


In addition to the dub and the reprint, NISA has also announced that they will be bringing over Love Live! The Idol School Movie to select North American theaters this summer. Emi Nitta, the seiyū for Honoka Kosaka, makes a brief announcement about the movie coming to North America and how she hope fans of Love Live enjoy the movie and love the series even  more:



And here’s the trailer to the movie:



The movie will start showing in select theaters starting in September, specific dates will be given at a later date. For an anime that just wrapped up its second season and is about to release a movie in theaters Love Live seems to be doing pretty good for itself. This reminds me of how K-ON was really popular and how it grew really fast. Be on the look out for when the movie comes to a location near you.


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