Live stream plans for February (UPDATE)

So Sunday, the day of the “Big Game” I tried to stream for a couple of hours. After some technical issues and a couple of false starts, I was able to stream for about an hour or so. Not bad for a rough start. Anyways, now that I have at least a basic grasp of what to do, here are the games that I plan to stream this month. The list is subject to change due to prioritizing some games over others, but this is a basic list:

  • Metro Last Light and OUTLAST both come out tomorrow. I will be streaming Last Light in the afternoon and OUTLAST will be at night. (Will be pushing OUTLAST back due to is still downloading XD)
  • This weekend (sometime Friday,Saturday, Sunday) I will move ahead with streaming Final Fantasy XIII-2. Before then, I’ll try to stream more of FF XIII
  • All of next week I will either try to stream or record a playthrough of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. I will also be attempting to make informational videos about the game.
  • That following weekend, starting on Friday the 21th, I will be streaming a playthrough of the first Castlevaina Lords of Shadows and Mirror of Fate
Games might be added in or replace depending if my editor gives me a game to review. So I look forward to providing some content to you all this month and hope you all drop on by.


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