Kratos wages war on the Vita with the God of War Collection

Relive the story of Kratos’ war with the god on the Vita this summer.

If you thought that God of War Ascension was the last time you were going to see or hear of Kratos, you have thought wrong mortal. Everyone’s vengeance fill Spartan is on the move again and this time he has his eye set on the Vita. Relive the start of Kratos’ war on Mount Olympus and his ascension as the god of war in HD and now in fun portable size. And if you are worried about how the two game will look like on the Vita’s screen, check out these two videos that show God of War and God of War II in action:

Relive the glory days of Kratos’ war against the god on May 6, 2014.

Source: Playstation Blog


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