JUMP Festa 2015: New Final Fantasy XV English trailer and developer gameplay walkthrough released

The biggest and probbally one of their most antcipated games that Square Enix showed off at JUMP Festa 2015 this weekend was Final Fantasy XV. After not making an appearance at E3 2014, gamescom 2014 and showed one trailer at TGS 2014, SE has released a brand new trailer, and in English no less. This new trailer shows off more of the fab four on their road trip as they encounter Empire troops, towns and even Cindy , who happens to be this FF’s version of Cid:



Also during JUMP Festa, the developers took to the stage to elaborate more on what the trailer showed and even showed off a new gameplay feature, I think:



As the devs fast forward through Cindy’s cut scene (due to audio technical difficulties) they reach a town where the player can explore. The group then meets up with a person who has a wolf dog and then the perspective changes and the player is exploring the town as the dog. I’m not sure if this was to show off more of the town or if it really is a gameplay mechanic, the presentation was in Japanese after all. In any case its great to see that Final Fantasy XV is alive and well. As for a release date, it seems to be still a while longer.


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