JUMP Festa 2015: Heroes sound off in second trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes

When Square Enix announced that they were going to do something new with the next Dragon Quest game, many feared that it would have been some type of social mobile game spin off. imagine the surprised look of the fans when it was revealed during Sony’s TGS 2014 press conference that new game would be a Dynasty Warriors type of game called Dragon Quest Heroes. During this weekend’s JUMP Festa 2015 Square Enix showed off a second trailer for the game. In this trailer the unlikely team of heroes are introduced and some gameplay is shown:



I know its way early to say this, but Dragon Quest Heroes look amazing. Whoever SE has helping them recreate Akira Toriyama’s, or if he himself is on board, has done a great job bringing his work to life. And the gameplay seems to be just as enjoyable as the artwork too, giving off a very heavy DW vibe. Dragon Quest Heroes is a Playstation exclusive and will see a release date of February 26, 2015 is Japan for the PS3 and PS4.


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