JUMP Festa 2013: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix trailer

Square Enix made their presence felt as JUMP Festa 2013 with a slew of video game trailers. One of them was a new trailer to the greatly anticipated HD collection Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.

Before I get to the trailer, a quick recap of how the game came to be. We all know that a few months back that Square Enix has announced that one of the pillars of their company, Kingdom Hearts, was getting a HD collection. Known as Kingdom Heart HD 1.5 ReMIX, it was a collection of games that told the over all story of Kingdom Hearts prior to KH2: KH, KH: ReChain of Memories, and 358/2Days (as to why Birth By Sleep isn’t in this collection since technically it takes place even before KH is anyone’s guess, but that’s for another time).Each of the game has been redone in HD and controls tweaked for the PS3, save for 358/2 Days. With that game, its all the cut scenes in the game, making it a movie. As to why its getting done this way. again no one knows other than SE, Sony and Nintendo. Now enough of me talking and here’s the trailer for your enjoyment:
The game is set to release March 14, 2013. A Western release hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. But there is an English audio option in the game for Japanese gamers who want to play the game with English audio and Japanese subtitles. While this isn’t proof that the game is making its way here, its good to know that it may have a chance.


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