Next year is going to be a pretty big year for Square Enix as it will be the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise. With Final Fantasy XIII-2 launched in Japan and the West waiting for next year, SE still had some things to show off. The first Square Enix game trailer to come out of this past weekend’s JUMP Festa was the music rhythm game, THEATRHYTHM: FINAL FANTASY.
 THEATRHYTHM, for those who haven’t heard about it, is the completion of all the most popular and recognizable Final Fantasy music in the form of a rhythm game. Think of it as Ounedan themed Final Fantasy. Anyways enough of my blabbing, here’s the trailer:

This trailer gives much more details about the game mechanics itself. Such as that players can pick and choose their party members, equipment and formations like in all traditional FF games. It also shows that players can choose which era of FF that they can play through. The trailer also gives us examples of the three different sections of the game: Field, Battle and Event. Field is similar to the overworlds of the different FF games and it looks like depending on which era is picked, the overworld theme from that game will be played. Battles seem self explanatory enough. Here is where battles take place and like the Field, depending on the era of FF, the battle music will play that theme. Event will show off clips of different FF cut-scenes, again depending on the era that is being played.

THEATRHYTHM: FINAL FANTASY is shaping up to be one of the more interesting entries into the Final Fantasy franchise and one that most fans here in the West are requesting to have localized. I’m predicting that we might here more news about this game at SE annual event early next year and I’m also predicting that we might see it at E3 2012.


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