JUMP Festa 2011: Beyond the Labyrinth

A bunch of trailer came out this past weekend due to the JUMP Festa going on in Japan. Here are a couple of them that have been released so far. I’ll be talking about the Square Enix trailers later in the week, since per SE standards, they release them later in the week and cameras are not allowed in some sections of their booths. The first game trailer I want to talk about is from tri-Ace and Konami.
I’ve mentioned before over on original-gamer.com before during TGS 2011, and here it is again. This is Beyond the Labyrinth:

In the trailer we see a bit of gameplay and a few battles. From what has been revealed about the game so far is that Beyond the Labyrinth will be using a jan ken pon (rock/paper/scissors) turn based battle system. A key difference is that if the player hits an enemy with rock and it threw scissors, the damage will be released in the air and the next enemy in the party can absorb the damage and convert it to HP. Also either the player or the enemy can hold their turns to access an even more powerful versions of attacks. The game comes out next month on the 12 and there is no word if Konami will be bringing it over. 


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