JAEPO 2015: Pokkén Tournament to release Summer 2015 in Japanese arcade

As JAEPO 2015 continues on this weekend one of the star attractions is of course the Namco Bandai developed Pokkén Tournament. And to celebrate, Namco brought several machines for expo goers to play and had Harada dress up in a Pikachu kigurumi. As seen in the following video by the Japanese website Gigazine, players will be using a controller instead of a traditional arcade layout:


Here’s are what the cabinets will look like when they hit Japanese arcades:




And here is the layout of the controller and what each button does:





The buttons are translated as follows:

  • X- Strong Attack
  • Y- Weak Attack
  • B- Jump
  • A- Pokemon Move
  • LT- Summon Support Pokemon
  • RT- Guard
  • Dpad- Movement


This kind of set up suggest that moves will be pretty simple due to some of the Pokemon not being fighting types. What’s interesting is that there is an assist button, a al Marvel vs Capcom 3 that will call in an assist Pokemon. In the current build of the demo one of the following six Pokemon can be used as assists:





As to how many assist characters there will be has not been made available as of yet, this is interesting to detail. Maybe Namco is planing for some type of tag team mechanic later down the line.


Source(s): Source(s) 4gamer, Arcade Heroes


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