It an all out battle royale in Battle Princess of Arcadias for the PS3

At NISA’s press event, they showed that princesses can take names, kick ass and look cute doing it in Battle Princess of Arcadias.

A lot of the JRPGs that I’ve played usually have the female protagonist using some type of magic to fight. The games will either have her fight in the back row or regulate her to healing and support while everyone else gets a piece of the action. That doesn’t suit Battle Princess Plume in Battle Princess of Arcadia. The game is a action-RPG type brawler that has the a fore mentioned princess Plume and her loyal subjects slashing wave after wave of enemies all in the hopes of bringing peace back to her lands. Here’s the trailer that NISA released that shows the game in action:

What makes this game stand out I think is that you actually get to fight in the siege sequences. In the past few JRPGs that I’ve played there’s a section of the game that has your characters minions fight a siege battle with a enemy group of minions. These battles are carried out by either by smashing a specific button, a jan ken po mechanic or automatically and the stats based on how you leveled the minions. In Battle Princess of Arcadias it seems that you yourself lead your minions and can actively fight, which is a really good chance of pace. Battle Princess of Arcadias is set to release sometime in 2014 for the PS3.


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