Indie games coming soon to PS4: Part 2



As I mentioned before, Sony is taking a really vested interest in indie developers since their E3 2013 conference. And since then several indie games have been released or have been announced. This past week Sony announced another 12 indie games that would be joining the Playstation family sometime this year and next year. In Part 1 we went over six of the 12 indie games that were announced. Now we’ll look at the final six games and see what the indies have in story for the Playstation Nation.




I remember seeing and playing Nidhogg for the first time at the 2010 FantasticFest Arcade. The premise is pretty simple: Nidhogg is a fencing game that pits two players in a duel. Once a player is killed the other player has to try to race to the fishing line on the other side of the map before the killed player respawns. The first player to reach the finish line wins. While the PC version of Nidhogg did pretty well, there were some issues that it had, one of the most obvious was that there in order to play local multiplayer, players would have to share the keyboard. Now that the game is coming to the PS4, players will be able to use their own controllers and enjoy the game they way it was supposed to be played: on the couch next to a few friends. Nidhogg has no set release date, but expect something to be announced when E3 2014 kicks off next month.



Spelunky was pretty popular freeware PC game when it first release in back in 2009. Since then there have been many mods, was remade again for newer versions of  Microsoft Windows and has been ported over to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita in 2013. It is by far one of the more popular games people stream and with the PS4 now supporting live streaming, developer Blitworks are now working on bringing Spelunky to the PS4. New changes include 1080p resolution, uploading replays to leaderboards, adding more social features to Daily Challenges and other things to take advantage of the PS4 hardware. The best thing about Sepunky coming to the PS4 is that if you already have the game for either the PS3 or the Vita, you will automaticlly get the PS4 version as well. This is due to the fact that Spelunky is a cross buy supported game.




Aside from the odd RTS, the History Channel Present games and the NSE game North Vs South,the American Civil War isn’t a war that most video games use for inspiration. Many of the battle tactics that each side used were still the traditional take turns shooting volley after volley at each other before sounding the charge. Sure iron battleships and early submarines were in use, however they were so expensive to produce that they only saw limited engagement to coastal areas and wide river fronts. So developer Zactronics decided to give the American Civil War a bit of a twist: a card based strategy game about the Civil War and robots a la steam punk. This is Ironclad Tactics. The game has all the elements of deck building card games, only with out forcing players to pay real money for the more rarer cards. Turns are also ten second short, so as to keep the action going. And as a bonus there is a story the game, but in addition through in game cut scenes, it can also be viewed in graphic novel form in game as well. Ironclad Tactics does not have a release date as of yet, though there might be news when E3 rolls around next month.




I’ve seen a ton cheesy trailers get released over the years, but Skull of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition is extra cheesy. Anyways Skull of the Shogun finally makes its Playstation debut on the PS4. In addition to getting the full game in HD, the Bone-A-Fide Edition adds in a new episode that stars a new playable character. This character just arrived at the Shores of the Dead and is determined to over throw Akamoto (you from the previous episodes). Multiplayer gets new additions as well, such as async multiplayer, Team Death Match with a new Deadly Alliance feature that allows two players to team up, until they are the last two on the field and well you know how the saying goes: “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!”.  Skull of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition does not have a release date of yet, but keep an eye when E3 starts next month for more details.




I’ll be honest, I have no words as to describe Source other than it look pretty. I’m sure the developers at Fenix Fire can describe it better than I can.





Take Nidhogg, Joust, an 80′ neon Lisa Frank inspired world, Towerfall multiplayer and a couple of Space Narwhals and you have Starwhal: Just the Tip from Breakfall. Gameplay is pretty simple, you slide, flip and and contort your Starwhal in order to hit your opponent. First one to lose all of their lives or who ever scores the most points wins.


That will wrap up the 12 indie games that Sony will be bringing to the PS4. As I was working on this news bit, I read some of the comments that people have left on the videos. Some of them, as per usual in You Tube comments, where saying that the games were stupid, Sony is stupid for bringing these games over to the PS4, they now hate Sony and other similar sounding comments. Personally I like the fact that these and many other indie games are coming out. Summer is usually the gaming drought and a majority of the bigger developers are hard at work to make the Holiday rush. With all of these indie games coming out at various times, this gives gamers something to play before the major release of their choice comes out.


Source: Playstation Blog


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