IdolM@ster Shiny Festa gets American trademark

One of the more “interesting” games from Namco Bandai has gotten a trademark in North America.

For some out there, you know who are these girls in the above image are from. For the rest of you, these girls are from a video game/anime called IdolM@ster. The premise of the game is that you are the new producer for 765 Productions and you are in charge of taking these girls to the top of the idol charts. At first look it may seem like a dating sim, but its not, its more of a time management sim. You schedule practices, promotion events, costume fitting and gigs. While this sounds cool, it may not be the taste for most Americans. Which is were the IdolM@ster Shiny Festa trademark comes in.
IdolM@ster Shiny Festa is a spin off of the idol sim games. Instead of managing the careers of the girls, Shiny Festa is a rhythm game along the lines of Project Diva. Here’s a Japanese trailer that shows examples of the gameplay:
Now as you can see the game is for the PSP. While the PSP is still alive and kicking in Japan, its not the same in the US. If Namco Bandai does decide to bring over Shiny Festa, I think it would be best if they sell it through the PSN and on the Vita a la DJ Max Technika Tune. I’d buy it if it did come over. 


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