Hyperdimention Neptunia U Action Unleashed PC Review



Ever since Idea Factory and Idea Factory International took over the Hyperdimention Neptunia franchise and releasing the older games under the Re;Birth series, they have been slowly but surely been finding their way on to PC through Steam. While not much in terms of localization has not changed except for a few minor grammatical corrections, gameplay mechanics have been improved, not to mention the visual improvement graphics received. Now that the initial three games have made the jump to PC, its time that the spin off games also join the Steam train. The first spin off to make the  jump to Steam is the Vita version of Hyperidemtion Neptunia U Action Unleashed.

Before we start, a bit of a disclosure/disclaimer: I have already reviewed Hyperidemtion Neptunia U Action Unleashed on the Vita, which you can read here. I enjoyed the game so much that I gave it a 9 out of 10 stating that it was the best spin off of the series so far. With that said, I have played a good chunk of the PC version of the game to say that my feelings towards Action Unleashed on the PC are the same as on the Vita version. So instead of repeating what I have already written, I will concentrate on what make this port of Action Unleashed better than the Vita version.


Level up 

Full control support- While most Vita owners have gotten used to the control configuration for the handheld, there are some games that just play better with a proper controller.

Majority of DLC already added in game- Much like the previous Hyperdiemtion Neptunia games that are on Steam, the majority of the DLC for Action Unleashed is already in game save for two pieces of content which have optional quests. Even then they’re only .99 cents so PC fans got the better end of the deal.

1080 HD graphics upgrade- As much as I love how most games look on the original Vita’s OLED screen, nothing can compare to the vibrant colors that a 1080 HD screen can bring.

Re-edited script- While most of the script from the Vita version was pretty good, there were some points that jokes didn’t really make sense and there were some very interesting grammar choices. I understand that translating these types of games can take a really long time and toll on people, which is one of the main reasons you do not see a ton of JRPGs that are not from a big developer on the market in the West. However now that Action Unleashed has made the jump to  Steam, other than re-configuring the controls, the script seemed to received a reedit. While some jokes might still go over the heads of those who are not familiar with the series,


Right about here is where I would mention any problems that I had with the game or suggestions that I may have for improvement. Since this game is a port of the Vita version, it still has the same problems that the Vita version had, mainly the recycling of enemies and repetitive stages. So it wouldn’t make sense to repeat myself again.


Hyperdimention Neptunia U Action Unleashed for the PC plays just as good as its original Vita counterpart, and looks just as good if not better. With a re-edited script and the majority of the DLC already added in game, Action Unleashed for the PC is perfect for those who missed out on the game the first time around due to not having a Vita.





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