Hyperdimention Neptuina Re; Birth 2 Sisters’ Generation Review

When I first played Hyperdimention Neptunia Mk.2 for the PS3, I thought that the game was alright and gave it a 7. There was a couple of flaws in the game that stood out in my opinion that warranted the score, mainly the awkward camera controls, limited exploration and repetitive guild quests. Now that Idea Factory is giving the series a “rebirth” (see what I did there?) on the Vita, it would make sense that improvements would be made.




Revamped story- Much like how Re;Birth 1 was an overhaul of the original Hyperdimention Neptunia, Re;Birth 2 is an overhaul of Neptunia Mk. II. The game starts off where the last game ended: Nep-Nep and the rest of the CPU goddesses are in the Gamindustri Graveyard battling the remnants  of Arfoire followers, now known as ASIC. CPU candidate is there as well to help but all are defeated and captured for three years. IF and Compa discover where they are and only manage to save Nepgear. They all retreat back to Planetneptue and set out to request the help of the mascots and the other sister CPU candidates in order to save their sisters and all of Gamindustri.

So while the core story hasn’t change, there have been new additions to the story thanks to new side quest, and new guest characters. Now speaking of guest characters…..


Even more guest characters- More guest characters, or mascots as they are now known by, have been added in to Re;Birth 2 to balance the ones that have been taken out. Falcon, Marvelous, Red, 5pb, Broccoli make their return from Re;Birth 1 as well newcomers such as Tekken, and other surprise guests will help out.


Improved controls- In Re;Birth 1, IF decided to uses the control scheme from Victory and improved on it. It worked so well that they carried over those improvements from Re;Birth 1 to Sisters Generation. The game plays way much better than it did on the PS3 and even adds in a jump function that allows players to reach high spots.


Dual Audio- Dual audio in JRPGs is something fans always ask for but sometimes won’t get due to different circumstances. However Idea Factory has been very accommodating with dual audio with all of their games, which also extends into the Re;Birth versions of the PS3 Hyperdimenion Neptunia games. In other words, yes Sisters’ Generation has dual audio and has reworked voice audio.


Improved translation- In all JRPG re-releases the main thing fans wonder “Did they improve on the translation”? Yes, yes they did. In Mk.2 I think the main problem that I had with the translation was not with the translation itself but the grammar used. While some phrases were able to convey the message the characters wanted to give, there were some that could have been worded better grammatically. Everything in Sisters’ Generation made sense, well as much sense about a fictional console war being waged by moe representations of video game companies.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Minor issues- Most of the minor issues that I had with Re;Birth 1 show up in Sisters’ Generation.  Nothing game breaking or too annoying.


Sisters’ Generation on the Vita us a great companion to Re;Birth 1, if you are looking to continue exploring Gamindustri. This version of the game boasts an improved translation, better controls, more party members to join Nepgear and much more. There are minor issues with the game however, but nothing that is game breaking or too annoying. If you can get enough of the CPUs or if you were introduced to the franchise with Re;Birth 1, I suggest getting Sisters’ Generation as well.




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