Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 to hit Steam May 29

It’s seems to be the Summer of Neptunia this year as Idea Factory International has announced that Hyperdimension¬† Neptunia Re;Birth2 is heading to Steam at the end of the month.

Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation is the second title in the Re;Birth series and will be the second Idea Factory game to be ported on to the PC via Steam. Much like the in the original game, this one stars the CPU goddesses’ sisters, the CPU candidates. As the CPU goddesses try to battle the evil organization known as ASIC, they all fall in battle, even with the help of CPU candidate Nepgear. Iffy and Compy help Nepgear escape before she too is captured and retreat back to Neptunia. Now its up to Nepgear to call on the help of the other CPU candidates Rom, Ram and Uni to work together and save their sisters and Gamindustri.



The game will see a release of May 29, 2014.



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