Harmonix is bringing the band back together with Rock Band 4

Even though the age of plastic guitars and drums has long gone, the cheers of a digital still roar with those who have still kept their copy of Rock Band 3. Sure there have been other competitors trying to muscle in onto the scene a bit late, but none will ever be loved like Rock Band, With a community that is still alive and Harmonix still releasing songs for DLC, fans have been asking one simple question: Where’s Rock Band 4? Everywhere they turned: Where’s Rock Band 4? Well the wait is over. Just like a group of aged rock stars getting up from the retirement home to prove the young uns’ that they can still rock out, Harmonix will be developing Rock Band 4 for the PS4 and the Xbox One.



Now there are several questions and factors that fans will want to know before spending any more money on plastic instruments and song DLC. Like previous iterations, Rock Band 4 will be shipping two different packages of the game: a full band and a solo guitar. Harmonix will be partnering with Mad Catz on creating the look and feel of each instrument. However if you already have a set of instruments from previous Rock Bands’ they will work just fine as well. As for song DLC, Harmonix will be bringing its 2,000 plus library of music over to Rock Band 4. This means that if you have previously purchased DLC for the previous Rock Bands, you will have instant access to those songs.


The team is ready and raring to go on working on Rock Band 4. It will be playable at E3 and they will try to release it some time this year. If anything I can already see this as the must have gift of the season. Unforgettably there will be no last gen versions of Rock Band 4 nor a Wii U version. So pull out those dusty guitars, stretch those arms and get some practice in before Rock Band 4


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