Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- rocks the West on the PS3 and PS4 this Fall 2014


It’s been a couple of years since a new Guilty Gear game has been released. During that time, Arc System Works have pushed out BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena, both great fighting games in their own right. But fans have been clamoring for new Guilty Gear. And they got it, sort of. Arc System Works announced Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN for the arcade and is currently out right now in arcades in Japan. And just like most versions before it, it will eventually make its way to consoles in Japan. But what about the West?

It was announced today that Aksys Games, publisher for BlazBlue, will be bringing Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN to the PS3 and the PS4 this Fall 2014. And if you forgot what the game looks like, here is the opening cinematic for the game:



Source: IGN


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