Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl on sale now

Its been a while since I posted about anime that is making its way to North America and a lot has been announced. For today’s announcement Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko aka Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl is now out for purchase.
I’m a bit behind on what’s the current hot thing to watch when it comes to anime. So if this is all old news, excuse me my bad. Anyways I came upon this anime when it was streaming last year called Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. I though it was pretty cute and hoped it would get picked up. It was at AX I think when NISA had announced that they snagged the rights to the anime and would be bringing it here.

As for what comes with the anime, like true NISA fashion, its a premium edition. It comes with a nice case, a  really colorful art book, character and episode guides, interviews with cast and production crew, and much more. 
The main bulk of the anime is in two blue ray discs, while the extras are on two DVDs I think. The total cost of this special premium edition is $69.99. Personally I think this is a pretty good deal considering all the extras and plus its on blue ray for a HD viewing experience. Hurry though, supplies are limited. 


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