GOD EATER 2 trailer

The next trailer is actually the second trailer that has been released for it, God Eater 2.
God Eater 2 is the direct sequel to God Eater which was released back in 2011. It was one of the first in a wave of hunter games to come out after the popularity that Monster Hunter gained. God Eater actually came out in North America as God Eater Burst. Now it seems that it sold well enough to get a sequel. Here’s the latest trailer to God Eater 2:

The game actually look pretty good and I am dying for a new hunter style game. While its still now clear if the game will be making its way to North America, the first game was picked up by Namco and D3 did just release EDF 2017 Portable as a digital download. So there is high hopes for this to come stateside.


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