Ghost Recon Alpha film short

When high profile games come out, they sometimes turn to live action film studios to make either commercials or short films to promote the game. Skyrim did it, as well as Mass Effect 3. But I think that the one who has done this the best and might have set a new bar is the Ghost Recon film short, Alpha.

About a week or two ago, X-Play had debuted the short on the show, detailing the prequel story of the Ghosts and how the film ties into the game. During this past weekend Ubisoft let all Uplay members see the short again before it went live. And now today they have officially released the short on the Ghost Recon Future Solider YouTube Channel for everyone to see:

Hey Hollywood, are you paying attention? This is how you do a video game film tie in. Now grant it Alpha is only 25 mins long, but it was long enough for me to care about the members of this elite team and root for them.


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