Gamescom 2017: Bandai Namco shows off more Dragonball Fighters Z with Androids and Super Saiyan Blue trailer


At Gamescom this past week, Bandai Namco brought along two new trailer for the latest Dragonball Z fighter, Dragonball FighterZ. The first trailer shows off a bit of the new original story along with introducing newly added to the roster Androids 16 and the team up of Androids 17 and 18:



The second trailer is the pre-order bonus if you pre-order Dragonball FighterZ staring Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta:




Dragon Ball FighterZ is shaping up to be a better looking fighter than the Xenoverse series, and that’s saying alot since the Xenoverse series of games have done a great job putting players into the world of Dragon Ball. For those who are super fans, Bandai Namco will also be offering the following collector’s edition of the game:


The game and the collector’s edition will be releasing in February 2018.



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