gamescom 2014: Fetch lets loose in new First Light trailer

When Fetch was first introduced in one of the trailers of inFamous Second Son and encountered when the game released she instantly became a fan favorite. Some fans even preferred her over Deslin at times and asked for more Fitch. Well ask and ye shall revive, as the saying goes. Sucker Punch liked Fetch so much as well that at E3 they revealed that Fetch would be getting her own stand alone DLC called First Light.

First Light tells the story of how Fetch first got her powers, her time in Curdun Clay, her escaped the facility and her time in Seattle before meeting Deslin. In a new trailer for First Light, we get to see her in action and how her neon powers differ from Deslin:



Fans will be able to save or damn Seattle come August 2014. For those who who prefer a Blu-ray First Light will have a stand alone disc release in September.


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