Fuudo talks Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

SEGA recently released a video for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown that serves as one part trailer and one part interview with Japanese Pro Fuudo.

In this trailer/interview, Fuudo briefly talks about his background with the Virtua Fighter series, his style of play, what keeps him motivated to keep playing the game and other things:

Though he’s mostly known as the EVO 2011 champ for SSFVI AE ver.2012, it seems he also enjoys the VF series as well, since that is how he came into his nickname. On another note, next month on the 14th SEGA will be flying out Fuudo and fellow VF5 FR pro Chibita for the pre-launch party for the game. They will have an exhibition match against each other and will be taking on challengers brave enough to face them. The event is being put on by iam8bit and streaming provided by fighting game legend Alex Valle and his crew at Level Up. RSVP ahead of time as there is limited space, by going to the iam8bit site here.


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