From Software teases new game at Game Awards 2017


Out of all the world premiere trailers that were shown off at the 2017 Games Awards Show, From Software decided to kick things off with a very weird tease of their upcoming game. Here’s the trailer and see if you can make head or tails of what it is:



All we know about the trailer is from the text as the end that says “Shadows die twice.” Already the internet is abuzz trying to figure out what the game could it be. Some say its a sequel to Bloodborne. Others think that its From Software’s return to the Tenchu series. Many also think that it could be a sequel to the game that inspired the Souls series and Bloodborne: Shadow Tower. Either way we do know that it’s not a new Dark Souls game as director for the games,┬áHidetaka Miyazaki, has stated they will be taking a break from the series for a while. Hopefully we might get more information at the Playstation Experience conference that takes place Friday evening.


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