Freedom Wars announced for North American localization




Soul Sacrifice Delta isn’t the only game that Sony’s Japan Studio is working on bringing over to the West. In conjunction with Shift and Dimps, Freedom Wars will be making its way to the West. Freedom Wars, first teased as¬†Panopticon in a teaser trailer released on May 6, 2013, places players in a world where the surface of the Earth is no longer habitable and forces humanity underground. Overpopulation starts to threaten society, so in order to curb it, a harsh regulation was put into place: anyone caught committing a crime regardless if you are innocent will be found guilty and sentence to fight monsters called Abductors. Think of it as a mixture of Battle Royale, Running Man, and a hint of Deadman Wonderland and Attack on Titian with ¬†gameplay similar to Monster Hunter or Gods Eater Burst. An English trailer was release to show off some of the gameplay mechanics and monsters players will be facing:



Now what has me most intrigue about the game is the multiplayer mode, City-State War. In this mode players are seperatted into one of 47¬†Panopticon, which represent the 47 prefectures of Japan. Each of these prefectures in this mode competes with each other for supplies and invade each other with the intend of taking control. This is similar to what Armored Core V has done and in a way it worked. Though I’m not sure how this will work on a portable scale. Either way the game looks to be a whole lot of fun. Freedom War has a release window of 2014.


Source: Playstation Blog


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