Final Fantasy XV demo trailer ‘Episode Duscae’ and cat video released

Final Fantasy fans, critics and haters all over the world are all waiting patiently for March to roll around, especially the West. The reason being is that Final Fantasy Type 0 HD will finally be released. But most important of all is that along with the game’s release is the release of the Final Fantasy XV demo, ‘Episode Duscae’. In this demo, players will be able to travel around in a specific area, most likely areas that have been shown off in the past few months, fight monsters like the Behemoth and meet new characters like Cid. To drum up even more hype Square Enix has released two new videos. The first one is the trailer to Episode Dusace:




The second video is a sequel to JUMP Festa 2015’s dog cam. This time you (possibly) take control of a cat:




I’m still wondering what is the purpose for the animal possession in the game. Maybe it’s a scouting mechanic? Who knows, hopefully we’ll get more information in English when Final Fantasy Type 0 HD gets closer to its release and when E3 rolls around.


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