Final Fantasy Explorers to explore the West in 2016

Ever since the release of Monster Hunter, the open world action RPG has spawned a sub genre, Hunter games,  that many developers have taken either inspiration from or are out right clones but with a different theme. Last year Square Enix decided to get in on the Hunter madness and released Final Fantasy Explores for the 3DS in Japan. So the basic plot of Final Fantasy Explores is that the world is on the brink of war due to its dwindling power source, which happens to be crystals. You and three other players form an elite squad of Explorers to find crystals and to conquer the newly discovered Grand Crystals, while battling and hunting classic FF monsters along the way. And now Explorers plans to explore its way to the West in 2016 as SE has announced they will be localizing the game. Here is the trailer that SE released today making the announcement:



Final Fantasy Explorers is set for an 3DS release January 26, 2016.


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