Earth Defense Force 4.1 revealed for the PS4

Earth Defense Force, or EDF as its commonly known, has been a hit or miss kind of series during the last generation of consoles. Everyone loved EDF 2017 and enjoyed it despite poor graphics and terrible yet campy voice acting. Then Insect Armageddon came out and while it did well with reviewers, many fans felt that it was too Americanized and lost its charm. Next came the Vita version of EDF 2017 Portable which kept what made the console version of EDF 2017 fun and still kept the cheesy voice acting and B-movie story intact. Which leads us to the most current ┬áversion of EDF, EDF 2025.However the bugs are not out of the fight. They have taken the fight to next gen and its up to the EDF to combat them in Earth Defense Force 4.1. Here is the trailer that was shown at Sony’s pre-TGS conference teasing the game:



Earth Defense Force 4.1 is basically a remastered version of 2025 but with better graphics, improved controls and a slew of new content. The game is set to release in Japan in 2015. As for a Western release, its possible, as long as fans show enough interest in it. So fans if you want the game, be sure to let D3 this: EDF! EDF! EDF! EDF!


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